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achieve peak performance

A community for learning, thinking & networking.

Knowledge and mastery of inventive thinking skills that lead to peak performance.

Special events to meet other insanely inventive people.

Opportunities to apply your inventive thinking skills and change the world.

ANYONE CAN LEARN TO think like...

You don’t need to be Steve Jobs to be insanely inventive. You just need to be yourself and apply the same Thinking and Doing Habits that helped propel Steve's insanely inventive thinking.

The Framework for Inventive Thinking (FIT) aligns with modern neuroscience and is modeled from the seven THINKING AND DOING HABITS common to history’s greatest inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, composers, marketers, scientists, artists, and engineers.

Modern research has revealed how "Getting FIT" leads to unlocking genius levels of creativity and operating at levels of peak performance you never thought possible.

Disrupting creativity and performance development with neuroscience

Over half a decade of research has found being in flow, "in the zone," to be highly correlated with measures of performance. From creativity, decision-making and information processing to skill acquisition, collaboration and motivation.


McKinsey found a 500% increase in productivity by executives who regularly attain flow.


Harvard found subjects to have three days of heightened creativity after being "in the zone."


Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA found subjects to have a 490% increase in skill acquisition.


The University of Sydney found subjects to have a 430% increase in creative problem solving!

A learning experience designed for
insanely busy people

Benefits Of The Master Class:

  • Each module is designed with memory triggers to teach you what you need to know within 45 minutes 

  • No 2-hour sessions that banter on forever

  • All learning modules are available online 24/7

  • Full access to all live and recorded Q&A sessions

  • Free 12-month membership to The Inventive Guild

  • Bonus sessions at no charge

Inventive Thinking On The Go!

The Pocket Inventor is a mobile app that is like a virtual coach. It helps you track your progress through the Framework as you apply it to multiple projects at the same time. It also, tells you what to do within each mode and provides helpful tips. And if you get stuck, you will always know what to do next.

Everyone who completes the course, gets the app.

IG Projects For Good

Members of The Guild will have opportunities to apply their inventive thinking skills to various IG Projects for Good. Who knows, you just might help invent a new way to feed the world, reduce carbon, or remove plastic from the oceans.

Join the movement!
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“The Inventive Thinking Framework leads to truly inventive solutions that everyone on the team wants to adopt and that the executive team will approve.”

Denise B.

Strategic Marketing and Events

“I am so impressed with the training for the Inventive Thinking Framework that I joined the Inventive Guild to be a spokesperson.”

Jeffrey K.

Actor & Writer

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