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Distraction Proof Your Life

Discover how to win the war for your attention by mitigating the distractions that suppress creativity in our every day lives.

Are you tired of felling like you never get enough done?

We've compiled the 7 most important moves you can make to overcome one of the most harmful blockers to creativity.

Are you tired of felling like you never get enough done?

This 7-part series shows you how to take control to regain focus and free your brain to be more creative.

In this guide you will learn...

  • How to win the war for your attention.

  • Overcome the struggle phase.

  • Develop Monk-Like Attentional Capacity

  • The best use of dopamine.

  • Optimize your tech to win the war.

  • The most overlooked distraction of all.

  • Distraction immunity.

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