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I would like to welcome you to the Inventive Guild (IG) GLOBAL Remote Sales Team.

It's now time to positively impact lives around the world.

As a member of our global remote sales team…

You can truly be a catalyst for changing the world, by helping individuals and businesses generate life-changing, original good ideas that make a real difference.

You can make also make great commissions as well, with our offerings up to 6-figures.

Inventive Guild

P.S. If you need help or have any questions, please email: [email protected]

Being an IG Global Remote Sales Rep is a LIFESTYLE sales position:

  • You can truly make a difference.

  • And there is no experience required.

  • You can do this from home.

  • You can make your own schedule.

  • You can live anywhere you want.

  • There is no cap on your income.

  • You can build your own sales team.

  • You can earn 2-tier lifetime and reoccurring commissions.

  • Free sales training from a world-class remote sales pioneer.

  • Optional paid VA Managed Lead Program. (For more details, see below.)

  • Ongoing, additional opportunities.

  • Have FUN working with GREAT people.

NOW first things first…

Please make sure you have signed up for and completed the Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ (RTOD) training program. With additional advanced training included, this is a real-world $2700 training program, that I am giving you FREE and it includes my 7-part series “Become Distraction Proof.” A total value of $2,894.

If you have not done so already, you can sign in through the IG remote sales rep who referred you. You can access the Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ enrollment page here.

Going thru these trainings yourself will not only help you become a more successful global remote sales rep for the Inventive Guild, but they could also quite possibly change your future, your life, and your destiny. Even if you never make a dime in commissions.

But only IF YOU APPLY what you learn.


All IG training, coaching, consulting, certification, apps, products, and services, etc. have a commission attached to them. We have an automatic referral tracking system in place for tracking those commissions.

You will be emailed 2 custom referral tracking links. The first link will track your client referrals to the Renaissance Thinking On Demand™ (RTOD) free training program offer page. A $2894 total value with bonuses.

The second link is directs your rep referrals to our remote sales rep application page. 

Your referrals will enter your name and email address as the referrer in the application form.

After we receive their application, we will email them a link to register in our rep portal and give them access to our IG sales rep back office. Only after they confirm their registration will they be activated as an Inventive Guild remote sales rep, and issued their tracking links for earning commissions.

Whenever a client or sales rep signs up through your unique custom referral tracking links, they will be tracked back to you for commission tracking purposes.

When you refer a client thru your referral tracking link AND they make a purchase, they will be your client for the life of their purchases. When you refer a remote sales rep to the Inventive Guild, you will make override commissions from their sales for the life of their sales.

Our referral tracking system is designed so that as we make make additional offerings available to our clients, you will receive commissions (varies on the offering) from any purchases they make.

We will have additional offerings ranging from $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, to $100,000, and more. As well as lower priced offerings, along with monthly and annual subscriptions.

Your primary objective as a GLOBAL Remote Sales Rep with the Inventive Guild is to help us give away as many RTOD training programs for FREE, as fast as you possibly can. Then our marketing systems, along with your personal follow-up will help assist them in upgrading to the appropriate paid offerings that best fits their needs.

Any and every individual or company who must be creative, inventive, and innovative on demand in order to survive and thrive in business today is a potential client.

We will have different commission rates depending on the offering and your sales performance.

Our flagship training is the Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ (RTOD) training program. With the additional advanced training included, it has a total real-world value of $2894.

We are giving the RTOD training program away for FREE because:

  • I want to get the RTOD training program out to a million people as fast as possible.

  • I really want to change the world regardless of someone’s current economic status.

  • I truly believe anyone can change their economic status by what they learn from the RTOD training program.

  • Plus from the sales side, giving the RTOD training program away for free, will help you generate more leads, faster and easier, plus lay the foundation for your potential clients to upgrade to our paid offerings.

And the best way to do that is simply to give away the RTOD program.

Our initial paid offering is the Inventive Guild Black Card VIP Membership.

It's for those individuals and companies who are interested in advanced, interactive help with the implementation and mastery of the RTOD training in a group setting. I want them to have a solid understanding of the RTOD process before they sign up for our paid Black Card VIP membership.

The Black Card VIP membership is a one-year advanced implementation and mastery training and group coaching program that includes AI conversational access to all my training, our Inventive Guild™ community, mobile app, and additional special benefits. 

The Black Card VIP Membership sells for $4,9997 and is a real-world $24,997 package value. We are offering 1000 of these memberships at this price. There is also a limited, lifetime upgrade option available for just $5,000.

For more details on the Inventive Guild Black Card VIP Membership, click here.


Standard Commissions:

  • 20% Commission: $1000

  • 10% Override Commission: $500

  • Commissions on your personal sales will increase based on your sales performance.

  • To earn higher commissions right out of the gate, check out the information on our VA Managed Lead Generation Program below.


  • Black Card VIP Membership - $4,997 price point (limited special offer)

  • Black Card VIP Membership UPGRADE to Lifetime membership - $5000 price point (limited special offer)

  • A 2-Day One-on-One Immersive Renaissance Idea Lab - $24,997 price-point (limited special offer)

  • LIVE Corporate/Group Renaissance Thinking Accelerator (Virtual/On-Site) Price range from $20,000 to $100,000


  • Annual Inventive Guild Membership includes Mobile App

  • Inner Circle

  • Custom Coaching (One-on-One or Group)

  • Corporate Consulting

  • Coach Certification

  • Plus more


  • If you or someone you are connected with has a large network or email list please contact us.

  • If you have a company interested in our corporate training for teams (virtual or on-site) please contact us.

  • You can email us at: [email protected]


Commissions are paid once a month via PayPal or Bank Wire by the 15th of the following month sales were made unless otherwise noted. Alternative commission payment options may be available if PayPal or a Bank Wire are not options.

Participants in the OPTIONAL Paid VA Managed Lead Generation Program will be paid weekly AFTER their first five sales. Commissions will be paid weekly, on or around the Friday of the 3rd week AFTER the sale has been paid.

Commission Definitions:

  • Commission – Commissions you make on your sales.

  • Override Commission – Commissions you make on the sales the remote sales reps you referred make.

Types of Commissions:

  • One-Time Commission – Commissions on sales that do not have a repeat sale option.

  • Recurring Commission – Commissions on repeat sales (monthly or annual subscriptions).

Two IMPORTANT Commission Policies:

  • You are NOT allowed to make commissions on your own purchases.

  • You are NOT allowed to have a 2nd Remote Sales Position or stack Remote Sales Positions for the purposes of generating both commissions and overriding commissions on the same sale.

NOTE: Violation of the above two guidelines will result in the immediate termination of your remote sales position with IG, forfeiture of commissions, and a ban from our sales team.

Please review our entire Remote Sales Rep guidelines here: https://inventiveguild.com/rep-terms


The simplest and fastest way to generate leads for promoting the Renaissance Thinking on Demand” (RTOD) training program is through what is called “Organic Lead Generation.” Organic Lead Generation is primarily done through social media, with LinkedIn and Facebook being two of the top platforms to do it on.

Organic Lead Generation is essentially outbound or cold prospecting on social media. It can be done manually or with apps specifically designed for organic lead generation that help facilitate the process.

Organic Lead Generation is a niche and skill unto itself. Many remote sales reps have become quite successful simply by mastering organic lead generation.

With Organic Lead Generation, you can laser target prospective clients that run or have large companies, networks, or lists. With individuals or companies that have large followings, they will be financially incentivized by our two-tier commission to promote the RTOD training program to their lists and followers. And with all the sales they make, you will make an override commission on those sales too.

We have made it super easy to generate leads with Organic Lead Generation, by giving you the ability to offer the RTOD training program with bonuses ($2894 total value) for FREE. We provide FREE training for generating clients through Organic Lead generation, both manually and with a social media prospecting app we recommend.


One of the most dynamic aspects of being an Inventive Guild Global Remote Sales Rep, is you can also build your own global remote sales TEAM.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, working anytime they want, can generate sales and commissions. And you are rewarded with override commissions from the sales of all the remote sales reps you refer.

There are countless people all around the world looking for flexible prospecting and/or remote sales positions that will work with their schedule and unique situation. In many countries, the commissions or override commissions from JUST ONE sale a month will completely change their lives. So these individuals are HIGHLY motivated to generate both leads and sales.

When you refer other remote sales reps, they are in essence generating leads (and sales) for you, because you are making an override commission every time a sale is made from their referrals. It makes building a global remote sales team, highly enticing.

As part of our FREE training, we will also show you where and how to recruit your own organic prospecting team. We provide our ENTIRE remote sales team with regular ongoing training via email, Zoom meetings and more.


If you would like leads generated for you via cold email and LinkedIn, We have an OPTIONAL Paid Virtual Assistant (VA) Managed Lead Generation Program. Participants in the OPTIONAL Paid VA Managed Lead Generation Program are paid a higher commission rate, to offset the cost of the program.

Commission for Participants in VA Managed Lead Generation Program:

  • 30% Commission: $1500

  • Plus an additional bonus for every sale AFTER 5 sales.

  • 10% Override Commission: $500

The OPTIONAL Paid VA Managed Lead Generation Program is a 6-month commitment, runs in 6-month cycles and it is pre-paid. Our Remote Sale Reps can join at any time. We will be generating lead via Cold Email and LinkedIn. You have the option of doing cold email or LinkedIn or BOTH cold email and LinkedIn together.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The OPTIONAL paid VA Managed Lead Generation Program is NOT commissionable and there are NO refunds.

If you are interested in more details on the OPTIONAL paid VA Managed Lead Generation Program please email us at [email protected]


As our sales activity grows and our offerings increase both in terms of variety and price point, we will be building an in-house sales team for our bigger ticket items. We will only be filling those positions from our top performers on our remote sales team.

In addition, in the near future we will be offering Inventive Guild™ Coach, Trainer, and Consultation Certification. Those will be commissionable as well. Please contact us if you would like to be put on the waiting list to apply to become one.


There is a much BIGGER VISION for our Inventive Guild™ members that goes far beyond sales.

For our members who implement and master the Framework for Inventive Thinking™ (FIT), that I teach in the Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ (RTOD) training program, the global opportunities will be unlimited.

We will create new projects, assist with accessing funding for startups, incubate new businesses, develop joint ventures and partnerships, and much more.

And the more (original, good) ideas, inventions, creations, and innovations, that are created through our Inventive Guild™ & global network of members, the more remote sales opportunities will be created as well.

Our world is in big trouble.

My life’s purpose now is to get the Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ training program teaching the Framework for Inventive Thinking™ out to as many people and companies as fast as possible, because our world is in desperate need of more truly life-changing, good ideas than ever before.

With your help, my big audacious goal is to give/gift the Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ training program to 1 million people over the next 12-24 months. But I can’t do it without you.

Thank you again for becoming an Inventive Guild™ GLOBAL Remote Sales Rep, and I look forward to working together with you as we positively change the world, one good (original) idea at a time.

If you need help or have any questions please email: [email protected].

Rooting for your success,

Greg Moyer

CEO & Founder

Inventive Guild

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